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wonder girl x robin

it already was as she watched Robin take off her clothes. Cassie is still a young girl and as she grows so may her powers and abilities and she may one day be even greater than Wonder Woman herself or join her father as an Olympian Goddess. Joining the Teen Titans Wonder Girl with the Teen Titans Instead, she found herself persuaded to join a new incarnation of the Teen Titans, reformed from the ashes of Donna 's death by Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire. The left is the original DC Multiverse (before flashpoint) and the right is my multiverse. Byrne's initial depiction of Cassie was that of a tow-headed tomboyish girl who could almost be mistaken for a boy. Bunker by administering a paralytic toxin to their system simply by touching them. Powers and Equipment (New 52, Post-Flashpoint, Prime Earth) Thus far in the New 52, her powers are changed and she now receives her powers completely from her equipment regardless of her demi-god parentage.

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The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Morgan x Garcia Garcia x JJ -CSI: Nick x Greg, n/A N/A -DC Comics: Kon-el x Tim Drake, damian Wayne x Stephanie Brown Kara Zor-el x Stephanie Brown -DearS: N/A. When Zeus and gay the rest of the Olympic Pantheon left Earth during the Infinite Crisis, Cassie realized that her powers were waning - with some instances of total failure. Cassie's tenure as a member of Young Justice was littered with change, in both her civilian and superhero identities. Amazon Armour When faced with a large threat Cassie will wear her Amazon Battle Armor for added protection as well as use martial weapons such as swords. After stopping Weather Wizard in Metropolis, Cassie meets Supernova and refers to him incorrectly as Kon-El, who actually turns out to be Booster Gold in disguise. Nami blushed and felt embarrassed when she realized that Robin was staring at her so she shied away as she got up from her chair and grabbed the jacket that was hanging over the back. It has been confirmed the demigoddess, Cassandra and Wonder Woman our her Aunts. New 52 Wonder Girl in the New 52 Cassandra grew up with her mother, her father having left when she was four years old, going around from archeological dig to the next, never settling down. Diesel attacked her, enraged that she had stolen his 'treasure but the chamber collapsed and Cass used the armor to escape. Phillipus, general and former co-ruler of Paradise Island. They ended up sitting next to each other as they were the last two to enter the kitchen and Nami found it hard to avoid making eye contact with Robin as she was filling her plate up with the delicious food that Sanji made. The Amazons, of Themyscira.

Nami discovers new feeling's for her nakama that she's never felt.Compared to me, I wonder what you look like.".

A, girl 's Love - Nami x, robin, chapter 1, an one piece fanfic

These included the Gauntlet of Atlas and the Sandals of Hermes, which provided her with the powers of strength and speed/flight, respectively. Their costumes are all colored with black and red to show their violent, gothic, corrupt nature and willingness to kill. Lulla (June 26, 2015). She appeared in supporting roles in 52, Supergirl, and the 2006 relaunch of the Wonder Woman series. In the final battle, Cassie uses her lasso to bind the villain, allowing Kid Flash to finish him off by sending him plummeting into the Earth's inner core (though thanks to his superhuman durability, Static remarks that the core would not kill him). The comic books were designed to communicate the dangers of drug abuse to elementary school children.

It was during this period that Cassie's leadership potential emerged, as she took the reigns of the team from Robin and led a massive strike force of young and inexperienced heroes into the team's most epic battle.

There, Wonder Girl battled a super-villain known. Cassie served Ares as his connection to our realm, until recently when he brought his son back to take her place. The mystical enemy known only as Wyld arrives and attacked Raven. After Donna Troy's history was redefined she felt it was time to move on from her Wonder Girl persona, a role which she passed on to Cassie, including her original uniform. Personal Profile Cassandra Sandsmark as Wonder Girl, after she gained her own powers and losing the bracelets Height: 5'10" Weight: 145 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Citizenship: American Place of Birth: unrevealed Marital Status: Single Education: High School Known Relatives: Lennox (father Wonder Woman (Aunt. Each fish was a different colour, size and type and made the aquarium a magnificent sight to see. The entire team was now beaten, until Nightwing, Donna Troy, and Flash showed up and helped defeat the Titans East.

Wonder girl x robin


It has recently been revealed and confirmed that Wonder Woman is Cassie's Aunt and the demigoddess, Cassandra is her other Aunt.. Wonder girl x robin

 In the series finale of the show, she and Tim allowed Static to the team and she and Tim became an offical couple. Cassie has also over the same time frame appeared as a supporting character in the Wonder Woman title. DC Direct Contemporary Teen Titans (Series 1) Contemporary Teen Titans In 2004, Cassandra appeared in the first series of Teen Titans figures based on the 2003 Geoff Johns run. Ota valokuva, vedä kuva tähän taiselaa, vedä kuva tähän. She was wearing her headband, cropped red shirt, and red pants. Caligan, Headcase and the Feral Boys.

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