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admitted that G4 and Walsh were the real winners of the competition. X Factor stage this Saturday, but Cezar Ouatu is no stranger to singing his heart out on stage in front of a series of open-mouthed fans. Change of pace: Nineteen-year-old Bonnie relaunched her career in June with a clip for her song Blackout.

At the end of the episode she tearfully said goodbye to her 'baby boy'. Email or call us direct. She is a distant relative of Ella Henderson, who competed in series nine of The X Factor. Glad that #EastEnders is tackling contemporary issues like knife crime. The grieving mother, played by Bonnie Langsford, screamed as she saw her baby boy lying cold in a hospital bed. 31 All three members are often seen in the audience on Big Brother's Bit on the Side. The pair were spotted out and about in Sydney together earlier this month. EastEnders fans broke down as they watched Carmel Kazemi come face to face with her son Shakil's dead body. In tonights episode, Carmel refused to believe Shakil was dead. 20 Verity Keays edit Verity Keays is a music teacher from Grimsby, Lincolnshire. 13 14 Roberta Howett edit Main article: Roberta Howett Roberta Howett is a former credit controller from Dublin who was constantly praised by the judges for relying on her talent instead of her looks. He may not have taken out the title on Monday night's X Factor grand final, but runner-up Dean Ray still has much to smile about.

It looks like singer Bonnie Anderson has bagged herself a rock n roll boyfriend to match her edgy new look, dating.X Factor, australia s Dean Ray.

Bonnie Anderson and X Factor Australia s Dean Ray

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14 Corene was one of the single women on Take Me Out in 2011.

On the night she was eliminated, the seventeen-year-old's rendition of " All By Myself " failed to impress either the judges, particularly Cowell, who believed she was more of a West End singer. In scenes we dont think we will ever forget ever, the 38-year-old wore a bejewelled black Dracula-styled suit as he crooned on stage in Sweden. Turns out the 38-year-old previously showed off his dulcet poperatic tones on the 2013 edition of the much-beloved. A serious contender for the reality television crown, he came a narrow second after 15-year-old Marlisa Punzalan cinched the title on Monday's grand final. She had previously been part of a double act with her ex-husband Simon Keays, touring America. Others praised Bonnies acting and insisted she get an award for the scenes. 3, brookstein and Cowell reportedly fell out over Cowell's insistence that he record covers versions, rather than self-penned material, leading to him being dropped from. 15 Despite an impressive performance of The Carpenters "Superstar she was eliminated in the first week of the competition when Cowell used his casting vote against her, claiming that she "should be working in a hotel". Talented musician Dean first rocketed onto screens in April during the X Factor auditions, when he shocked audiences with details of his road-to-musical stardom, which included drinking water from puddles and sleeping under bridges. 12 Compton has indeed performed in West End musicals since, including Les Miserables, Dirty Dancing, and Wicked. Advertisement, performing the hugely unique dubstep-fused popera number Its My Life, Ouatu, performing under stage name Cezar, represented Romania in the song competition.

X factor bonni

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X factor bonni, 30 Voices with Soul edit Voices with Soul are a trio consisting of Hilda Campbell, her mother Grace and her aunt Corene.

Fans of the ITV talent show took to Twitter in their droves last night to criticise the Scottish siblings for singing two songs by other artists despite the fact that the late singer has an extensive and impressive back catalogue of hits for the contestants. And one commented: "oh Grace is not doing a George Michael song". When asked by the, sunday Telegraph if she was dating Dean, the Raise the Bar singer gave a cryptic response, saying 'that's a curly question.'. Hard past: X Factor Australia contestant Dean Ray confessed in July to struggling with alcohol addiction. One said: "Grace up next rewriting a George song" "This isnt even a George Michael song said another. Who were the X Factor finalists? Dean, who is currently in the top 9 of X Factor Australia, also has an interesting past. Before they took to the stage, Simon said: "Singing not one of George Michael's songs but two of his greatest ever covers, The Cutkelvins.". Where are X Factor winners now? He still has stomach ulcers and only sought help for his addiction after being hospitalised last year. The Cutkelvins performed a mash-up of Seal's Killer and Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations, later dedicating the performance to their late father.

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